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    Import Photoshop PSD

      Can you import a PSD file into flex and manipulate its layers.

      IE, Show one layer, Hide another layer, etc

      Thanks, Jay.
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          I don't think this is possible. I wonder though if you can import the PSD into Flash and then save as SWF and use that in Flex using SWFLoader?
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            Hokjay Level 1
            I got from a chat that the layers could be converted to movie clips in flash and then accessed that way from flex. im new to flex, so i dont know what is involved. this same chat said that adobe is coming out with a product called thermo that could do this, but it is not out yet.
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              slaingod Level 1
              Yes, you would use Flash currently to import to Flash, then cut things up as needed. Make sure and set in your Flash preferences for thing to be brought in as 'Editable Text' and 'Editable Paths', and import as Flash Layers.

              The upcoming Adobe Thermo application (essentially Flash for Flex with 2 way asset management) would probably handle PSD imports when it arrives.