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    cc particle world producer works not well


      After trying to train with the cc particle world, the producer works like you can see it in every tutorial.

      After a second try, the producer looks more like a little sun and produce just a little bit.

      I think, some of my settings are wrong, but I don´t know. which one.


      Is there anybody, who could help me?


      Thanks a lot



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          RobShultz Adobe Community Professional

          You can re-set it or re-apply it.

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            Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

            It's easy to miss or forget little details about guided training.

            I suggest doing the training again.

            Maybe even take notes.

            When you go to school you take notes, right?

            You do homework?

            You get tested?

            The reason you do those things is because it's effective way to learn

            and internalize information.


            I am self taught.  When I started learning I actually transcribed the audio from tutorials I did.

            I made rolodex cards for specific attributes and what they did.

            I still do this when I learn new application or modules.

            I have 5 subject notebooks filled for each module of Maya & other applications

            I have text files on my computer for every piece of software I use called "Important things to know".

            Whenever I come across something I want to remember I immediately transcribe it to that file.

            I don't copy and paste,  I type it out, so I'm more likely to remember.

            Post-its.  Bookmarks.  Whatever I need.


            So.... apart from all that.

            To your original question.

            Nobody can tell what you've done wrong because nobody knows what you're attempting to do.

            Nobody knows what your setting are. Or what they're supposed to be.

            Nobody knows what training you followed and what IT did.

            How do you expect anybody to be able to tell you what you've done wrong?


            What if told you I that somebody took me the store?

            What if I told you I tried to go back but couldn't find it

            & think it might be because I went the wrong way?

            And then asked if you could help me find it?

            Would you be able to help get there if you had no idea where I was trying to go?



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