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    How to print all pages of pdf


      I have exported an indesign booklet to pdf and now all of a sudden it only shows the first page available to print.  I have previously exported dozens of booklets without any trouble.

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          What do you mean? In what application are you printing? What happens when you actually print the file, not just look at the preview?

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            jane-e Adobe Community Professional

            Did only the first page of the InDesign file get converted to PDF or can you only print one page of the PDF from inside Acrobat? I'm not sure with the wording of the question.


            This is the Acrobat forum, so I am guessing that when you print, only one page of a multi-page PDF is printing. If you are in your Pages panel with one or more pages selected and then choose Print, those selected pages will print by default, although you can change "Selected Pages" to "All" in the Print dialog box.


            Is that what is happening? If so, either make sure you don't have pages selected in the Pages panel, or change the Page Range in the Print dialog.


            If it is something else, please clarify. Thanks.

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