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    browser back button


      I've exported my images and html files from fireworks onto my web site but when the site is initially visited, the index page loads but the browser back button dont show in my aol browser. When I then click on a nav button on the page, the new page opens ontop of the index page, again with no browser back button. Button targets are set to "none"

      Also, in ie7, when I click on the site nav buttons, a new window opens to display the new page even though I have set their targets to "none"

      Any help would be most appreciated.


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          pixlor Level 4
          1) Why are you setting targets at all? What behavior is it you want?

          2) Fireworks HTML export is for making prototypes you can view. It is not for making whole sites with, certainly not a production (live) site. You shouldn't rely on a graphics program to write your HTML for you.

          3) Can you provide a link to your site? It's easier to diagnose something you can actually see. ;)
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            0870_748_1513 Level 1
            HI Pixlor,

            Thankyou for your prompt reply, you've answered my question ;-)

            I use dreamweaver and design graphics in fireworks to import to it but I thought it was possible to create a whole page for the web in fireworks.