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    Batch Editing in CC WTH

    b1slum25 Level 1

      I cannot understand for the life of me why Lightroom CC 2017 does not have batch editing?  Who the heck forgot to put this feature in the program and for us power users, what were you thinking Adobe!  When will the "sync" be installed in this program or will Adobe be removing the feature all together?  Not happy at all.

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          Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

          I doubt very much that this was "forgotten" by Adobe, because I think that LRCC really isn't targeted (yet) at power users or high volume pros. It's a brand new app being built from the ground up, and initially aimed at the mobile/hobbyist segment. It's expected that new features will be frequently added, and I imagine attention will be paid to the more popular feature requests at the Adobe feedback site, so it's a good idea to hop over there and add your vote to the batch editing request which already exists there:

          Lightroom CC: Ability to copy/sync settings/adjustments across a group of photos | Photoshop Family Customer Community


          In the meantime, you might be better off sticking with Lightroom Classic, which does have most of the tools that power users need.

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            Neox99 Level 4

            "When will the "sync" be installed" ??


            Huh?  Lr CC is ALL about syncing, Sync is not something that needs installing.

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              Victoria Bampton LR Queen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Neox99  wrote


              Huh?  Lr CC is ALL about syncing, Sync is not something that needs installing.


              Er, I think b1slum25 meant syncing settings from one photo to another, not THAT kind of syncing.


              No timescales on that one right now, but worth voting to add weight to the request as Jim suggested.

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                I know I'm a little late with this, but I would I can use Bridge, do all the basic editing, camera and lens calibrations and key wording.  That will save the .xmp files and then import everything into Lightroom CC.

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                  thomasbricker Level 1

                  I must agree.

                  I am stunned that Lightroom CC does not allow for batch editing.

                  I can copy my editing adjustments from one image but it seems I can only paste them onto one other photo. Not 30.


                  Who's stupid idea was that?!


                  Please tell me I am mistaken.


                  This is one of the main points of Lightroom in the first place.

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                    JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    It is only possible to paste those adjustments onto one photo at a time, but you can keep pasting as long as you want the same adjustments. It isn't the most elegant, but it's all that's available in Lightroom CC at this time.

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                      thomasbricker Level 1

                      Thanks Jim.


                      Yes I get it that light room cc is not as functional as light room cc classic.

                      The reason I am using Lightroom CC is because it gives me the ability to work on my iPad Pro. In a mobile environment. That is the way the entire world is moving and that is what I want to do.

                      The fact that light room cc can only handle one copied adjustment at a time, seems like a really bizarre decision on adobes part.  It seems like one line of code would fix the problem.

                      I suppose I can deal with that for now, but boy does that need to change!