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    CS4 - how to expand number of buttnon states ?

    Level 7
      Unlike in version MX of Fireworks I can't find possibility to expand number
      of states buttons above 4. Does anybody know how to skip over this weird
      limit ?

      Detailed description of the problem.
      On one page I have drawn a couple of panels. Each of them have header belt
      with title. Each of panels use 2 slices: 1 for header title and 1 for
      background. Because the panel can consist of unpredictable number of
      versions and each of panels have different number of headers I decided use
      button symbols to allow to export as many states of panel title as I need
      (for each panel separately). For example first panel can have 2 headers,
      second one - 10. The problem is that I can use only 4 variants in this way.
      I would like to avoid using Fireworks MX for drawing panels and Fireworks
      CS4 for rest of the same project of website.

      (To be more precise I would like to mention that MX allowed to limit
      exporting each of the slices to selected frames - currently named 'states'.
      I could define that slice 1 will produce 10 files - one per frame, another
      slice - e.g. 3 files: first, 5th and 8th frame only. This functionality has
      been removed from next versions.)