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    Adobe Animate cc 2017 - HTML5 freezes when I publish/test project with audio


      I'm working on a small game, using Animate 2017 and exporting it to HTML5. I'm using `createjs.Sound` to add the sound fx I've added to the library. When I publish or "test" the project, it freezes in the loading bar. On OSx it stays at 0%, on windows it goes up to 70% but freezes anyway. The only option being to force quit the app. I'm following a tutorial from Pluralsight (to build this game), and I've tested the tutor's project as well, and I get a slightly different issue, the project gets published, the browser starts everything automatically but nothing happens afterwards, instead of the game starting, it just stays a black canvas (no errors in the console). I'm using the latest Google Chrome as the default browser to test this.



      A few more data to help troubleshoot, the tutor's project is using .mp3 files and I'm using .wav audio. I've been trying to look through the OSX auto generated error report, but I can't make heads or tails of what it says.



      * Animate mac/windows version - 2017.0.1 Release (