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    lightroom update on 12 dec 2017

    vinsolo Level 3

      Is anyone having trouble downloading the Lightroom CC update



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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi vinsolo,


          Could you please let us know the exact issue you are facing while updating the Lightroom CC via Creative Cloud Desktop app?




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            I applied the new Auto Tone feature on my MacBook to several hundred old images in bulk and it works great! Much better than before. However, all thone photos are synced to my LR Mobile account. When I view them in LR Mobile, the updated settings do not render - the prior settings still display. I open the adjustments tab in LR mobile and all the settings under “Light” are displayed at 0 (zero) on scale of 1 to 100. Then I select one of the other features, such as local adjustment option, and image renders reflecting the new Auto Tone settings that were applied on the MacBook. But I go to grid, choose another image, and then return to the prior image, it again does not render with the new settings.

            MacBook Pro with High Sierra with Lightroom Classic 7.1

            iPad Pro with Lightroom CC for iPad 3.1.0

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              vinsolo Level 3

              problem involved CC app and self righted