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    cfsprydataset CFC binding problem

    lchalnick Level 1
      I'm trying to bind a spry data set to a CFC function. My code is working fine in my test environment but not in production. In production, when I try loading the script that does the binding, I'm getting an error saying

      Error loading spry dataset FooYou from URL: /MyComponent.cfc with params _cf_nodebug=tru&_cf_no_cache=true&cfclientID=bunch-of-chars&method=myMethod&argumentcolle ction=%7B%7D...

      The code in both the production and test environement are identical; but the directory structures are a bit different. In the test environment, the directory structure is as follows:


      The myComponent.cfc and the script that I'm invoking are in clientLists/.

      http://someIP/ points to wwwroot/SomeDir/

      In production, it's more like this:


      and http://www.DomainName.com/ points to wwwroot/AnotherDir/SomeDir/

      and again, the CFC and script that I'm invoking are in clientLists/

      My call looks like this:

      options="{method: 'POST' }"

      I don't get the error until I try to use the dataset with spry:region="dsMyDataList"

      Seems like it must be the directory structure...but I've yet to come up with something that works. Any clues would be apprecitaed...
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          lchalnick Level 1
          This is definitely some kind of pathing issue. I tried moving the directory that contains the CFC and script that employs cfsprydataset to a website on the production server in which the website is just off the wwwroot directory (which is the director in which CFIDE is located). This is analogous to the configuration in the test server and again, this works.

          I.e., if I move my /clientLists dir and everything it contains underneath this dir, everything works:


          The web server is configured to point to /AnotherWebDir/ as the root of another website; i.e., www.AnotherWeb.com is located in /wwwroot/AnotherWebDir/

          So, when the website is located immediately below /wwwroot, if I then place my /clientLists directory (and everything it contains) in this directory, everything works. Unfortunately, I cannot do this, so I'm stuck trying to figure out how to specify the paths so that this code works when


          is the root for my website.