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    Why do Walk cycles erase? .

    pacol38509684 Level 1

      , I’m very confused about recording walk Cycles.


      When I record take 1 of a walk cycle, if I record a take 2 of a different walk cycle a little farther away on my timeline...


      It erases the take 1 walk cycle that I previously recorded Even though it is on another part of the timeline what am I doing wrong?

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          CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

          I'll try to help, but first a few questions:

          What is your Start parameter set to? ("With Left & Right Arrow Keys" or "Immediately")

          What is Body Speed set to?

          What do you see on the timeline after you've recorded?

          When you did the recording for the 2nd time, did you start the recording before or after the first take?


          A couple tips:

          1) recording nothing supersedes previous takes at that time (though you can trim the takes later)


          2) when Body Speed is non-zero, the position of the character is a result of whatever frames you've viewed, including paused frames, so to see exactly what will export, you have to rewind the scene and play from the beginning (or just view the scene via dynamic link in AE or PPro). Jumping around in time will not give consistent results for character location.


          We know this can be confusing, so we're considering changes to simplify it.