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    Why is there no airbrush tool or healing brush in Lightroom Mobile?

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      Why is here no airbrush tool or healing brush tool in Lightroom mobile??  This is a photo editing tool yes?  Am I the only wedding and portrait photographer that uses this thing?  Or did this get released before its ready?  Every other photo editing app out there has a basic editing tools like this, yet this power house of a program does not?  It’s solution is to export the file into photoshop fix, which btw has no airbrush.  So yes not we can spot heal, but now once saved goes back into the Lightroom library as unflagged or unfavorited from its original file?


      So if a cull through an album of 500 photos down to my favorite 100 for the client, I now have the best those flagged or 5 starred to sort by that variable.  So I go though and find some photos that need fixing up, export out to photoshop fix, and save back to Lightroom.  It should just pop up on the screen in lightroom now and I can continue on my way editing the next file.  But no, I have to unsort flagged photos, scroll though the 500 photos to find the one again, flag it, and unflag the ’bad’ version next to it, then soft again by flagged or 5 stars and then move on.  Wow all of that extra work for what?


      On a positive note, Lightroom for mobile is pretty cool And I like it a lot.  Aside from some buggy crashing issues, and such its great.   But seroiusly it feels like no one even beta tested this thing, or at least those people were definitely not professional wedding and family portrait photogs.


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