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    FLVPlayback problem

      Hi all!

      I´m with a problem with FLVPlayback. When i try to see videos from FMS, the progress bar and buttons appear, but the video is not playing.

      I can play progressive FLV with FLVPlayback, and I can play the videos from FMS if I use NetConnection. Only FLVPlayback with FMS videos is not working.

      I also tried the Dreamweaver "Insert/Flash Video" tool, but it is only working for progressive.

      Our FMS is Windows 2003 32b with IIS 6. I´ve already set the MIME type for .flv to "video/x-flv".

      I´m attachingthe AS codes that i´m using to connect the videos to you please take a look.

      Tks a lot for any help!!