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    Why Are IOS Icons Not Working Anymore?

    nibbr Level 1

      I have just come to submit an update to a Cordova app I build with phone gap build and apple won't let me submit, it says I am missing icons of 76x76, 120x120 and 152x152 - but they aren't missing at all!


      All the image sizes weren't needed the last time I submitted to apple, so I added the new three icons mentioned above and then referenced them in the config.xml file. After trying to send to apple with application loader I get the following:



      Screenshot below shows the config file where they are all referenced as they always have been (with the new 3 added):



      And below you can clearly see the files exist:



      I unzipped the IPA file from phone gap build and indeed the image files haven't been copied from the res folder, so they are missing. Why is this happening? I have been using phone gap build for 18 months now with a number of updates to this app and I have always added the icons this way with no issue.