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    Problem with accessing XML children

    Mr Riney
      Hello all,
      i have a huge problem that's been bothering me for the past few hours...it drives me nuts actually..
      below my code and a screenshot of what i mean exactly..i tried to keep it as short as possible

      basically when I try to access a XML subnode (a.project.name in this example) flex doesn't seem to do anything.
      as you see b should be "project1". instead it is only an initialized XMLList variable, nothing more..
      normally everything works without problems...the only difference in my current situation to "normally" is that the main XML where everything is derived from sits in an external class.
      however, i can access it when populating a tree control for example so no problem there...
      problems start when i try to "dig deeper"..

      i know my way around e4x and can exclude any datatype related problems etc..


      i'm on the verge of pulling my hair out!! please anyone help me ^^ thanx in advance