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    Mac X Photoshop lost Epson 3880 ICC's

    Rob Follett

      The very latest version of PS dropped the "Normal" ICC Profiles for my Epson 3880 -- Legacy and MK ICC's still show. 

      All the ICC's are still in the System Resources Folder

      Mac X is High Sierra 10.13.1

      Epson Driver software up to date.

      Latest version of LR Does show all the ICC's -- It's just the Photoshop Print Mgr which now apparently points to the Mac System Preferences, Display, Color, Color Profile. rather than the proper folder.

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          Rob Follett Level 1

          Fixed w/o help from the Forum.....  The age-old problem of bad Adobe PS Updates messing up the Printer/Scanner settings!  BAH!


          The usual fix, -- Delete the Epson from the System Pref. Printers window using the Minus Key....  Then hit the Plus Key, and re-install. 


          Now PS is functional again.  


          SO... How many years have Adobe Mac X programers been unable to fix this? 


          Thanks, but no thanks...


          -- Rob