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    Money refund in AdobeStock Trial


      Hello! On 12th of November I registered to Adobe Stock Trial. As it was said in terms and conditions I 'am free to cancel my membership and get my money back. At this moment I have blocked 29,99 EUR in my bank account, I don't have any option to delete my AdobeStock membership - it's not showed Adobe ID/Creative Cloud free . And of course I don't have access to (free) pictures I used only two of them. I guess it is pretty expensive background images for 30,00 EUR. Resume. Please cancel my AdobeStock membership and refund my money.


      Maybe Adobe is waiting for 14 days period to charge my for extra months? There is no chance to change anything. Maybe I should hurry up to change my payment card?

      It looks like Adobe is showing bad image, you know what I mean ;-)


      And don't say: "Use help desk (useless self-help-desk)".  There is nothing more like chat robot which is not working. All help tips are without such situation as mine. I'm deeply dissapointed.