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    LR CC v1.1 and Mobile v3.2  -- video problems still exist

    marcs39127930 Level 1

      Hi Adobe,


      Thank you for the recent updates, i can see benefits. However, the two issues I have brought up previously have not been solved yet.


      1. LR CC v1.1 -- when uploading video using the LRCC v1.1 software, the capture date still gets moved ahead. in the case of a recent test, it was 7hrs, 44min, and 45 seconds. which is just plain weird.


      2. LR CC Mobile v3.2 still doesn't import video at all. This makes the application broken for me and others who take lots of video.


      Until these things are fixed, I need to stay with Google Photos though I want to move to LRCC platform due to its tagging ability.


      I'm on a Samsung S7 and a windows 10 pc.