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    making pull down menus and file open dialogs speak

    stevenLandau Level 1
      I'm trying to create some applications that include speech assistance for the visually impaired. there are two things that are causing problems:
      1. I can't make the file open dialog boxes speak. I would like to emulate the behavior of third party screen reader applications that speak the identites of GUI elements as the user tabs through them. I am able to do this for custom dialogs made with the MUI Xtra by putting voiceSpeak commands in the callback handler so that as each widget gets focus during tabbing, it speaks its identity. But this doesn't appear to be possible with file open dialogs created with FileXtra.
      2. I have created pull down menus using installMenu. This works great, but I would like the user to be able to navigate these menus using the arrow keys, and have each menu item speak as it navigated to.

      If anyone has any ideas about how to accomplish these things in D11, I would be very grateful.