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    Packaging AIR

    rms001 Level 1
      Hi - Is there a way to change the default state of the checkbox beside 'Start application after installation' to 'un-checked' during the Application Install process? (Or remove the option altogether)? Thanks, - Ron
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          Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
          No, there are no controls over this option. Can you say something about why you're interested in changing it?

          Oliver Goldman | Adobe AIR Engineering

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            rms001 Level 1
            Hi Oliver - Thanks for giving us your insight in these forums. The reason for the question is that there are applications we have developed that use multiple components (such as a separate file manager). You would not want these to be invoked until called from the main app. Thanks again for your help. - Ron
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              MixMastaJames Level 1

              We'd like to see this feature added too... we put the AIR file in a series of installs, and the AIR app is just one piece... we have to instruct the users to uncheck the "Start application after installation" so it doesn't start in the middle of installing everything.  Kinda of annoying.