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    Creating a CDROM from an old, existing Flash course

      Hi all

      I've been tasked with creating a CDROM course from an existing online course. The problem is that this CDROM will have to track the user's progress as they go through it, even if they close it and re-open it later, and it has to do it completely offline.

      Adobe AIR was one option we kicked around, but the original course was built in Flash MX (we think) and publishing it in AS 3 breaks everything. And we want to avoid rebuilding this thing if we can.

      Is there any other way of tracking a Flash CDROM without using AIR? Any suggestions will be great.

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          You will most likely need to do some flash-javascript hacks, and use an offline web browser with javascript to do the tracking. Javascript doesn't have as many limitations as Flash, but you will still need to do a bit of work to get it to work.

          Honestly, you will probably do the same amount of work to convert the whole thing over to AS3/AIR as you would to add on some javascript hacks and get them to work.

          If you do end up deciding to rebuild and use AIR, Here is an AS2 to AS3 converter. You can do it online, by pasting your existing AS2 code into a textbox and clicking a button. It will give you the AS3 equivalent, though this isn't a perfect method, it will do the bulk of your conversion for you, then all you would need to do is tweak, refine, and bug-fix. And then of course add on the AIR functionality.
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            For the PC only.

            You can write the progress to the Window Registry using FlashJester Jugglor

            Read this


            and see the demo.

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