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    Adobe flash player installs McAfee

    brakerbraker Level 1

      I have just updated adobe flash player since my browser requested it and found that adobe has installed McAfee without me opting in to do so. I am furious about it, and can only refer to a previous discussion point copied in here. Why does Adobe do this it will drive customers away in their droves.


      I have experienced this as well.


      I'm not going to give any screen shots. What I am going to do, is say that I've been using photoshop since 5, and been a creative cloud subscriber and defender since the first version. I got an email from adobe to install a flash update, which I did, after navigating to adobe on my own to make sure there was no malware attack. I then installed a flash update, from your site. A day later, mcafee is installed on my computer, without any permission given by me.

      I don't give a flying f- if you have an 'opt out' option in there, and it was somehow hidden by ad blocking. As any designer who is worth their salt knows, opt out is basically just a way of funneling 90% of users to an option while maintaining an argument that you aren't 'forcing' the option. I'm a paying customer who loves and evangelizes your product, and you just stabbed me in the back. F- you. If this ever happens again, I'm done. End this **** right now. You know it is morally indefensible, no matter what the economic reasoning by some f-wit manager. No, I'm not going to be reasonable. This is not acceptable behavior. Fix it.

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          ridhijain Adobe Employee



          McAfee is an optional third-party offering. By default it is opted-in. When downloading Flash Player from adobe.com you have the option to not install McAfee:


          If you do not want the same you can opt for background updates, where the latest version of Flash Player would be installed within 24 hours of release of new version.



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            brakerbraker Level 1

            That is not an answer, you are merely explaining what you do.  The point is what you are doing is morally indefensible and goes against every form of good customer engagement and trust. It is totally wrong. Change it, or lose customers and customer confidence.


            Totally idiotic decision to do this!

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              maria__ Adobe Employee

              Thanks for your feedback.

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                ThomasAJ Level 1

                Hello ridhijain


                I totally agree with brakerbraker AND your reply is totally wrong.


                You may think that there is an Optional Offers section for all users but it is not there for me.


                I have latest Windows 10 and using latest Chrome.


                At Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions  the Optional Offers words (not the options themselves) is shown for about 2 seconds and is replaced by ...


                Adobe® Flash® Player is a lightweight browser plug-in and rich Internet application runtime that delivers consistent and engaging user experiences, stunning audio/video playback, and exciting gameplay.

                Installed on more than 1.3 billion systems, Flash Player is the standard for delivering high-impact, rich Web content.


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                  jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                  I've personally followed up on several dozen reports like this.  Given sufficient information, I am always happy to follow-up again.


                  That said, every time I look at this, it consistently comes down to a situation where a third-party browser plug-in (ad-blocker, anti-tracking plugin, etc.) caused the JavaScript on the page to execute in a way that was different than what was actually written (e.g. they blocked the UI with the opt-out), or the software was downloaded through a third-party UI (a browser add-on manager, etc.), which linked directly to the assets that had the optional bundled offers.


                  In general, the following always works:


                  • Always get Flash Player directly from Adobe, at https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/
                  • If you use browser plug-ins that interfere with the normal operation of the page, you'll want to whitelist them or disable those plug-ins temporarily


                  Once you have Flash Player installed, you can completely avoid this workflow (and the possibility that any bundles get installed), by doing the following:


                  • Choose Allow Adobe to Install Updates (recommended)
                    Future updates to Flash Player will be installed automatically.  You'll never see a bundled offer unless you need to reinstall.
                  • Use a browser that includes Flash Player as a built-in component
                    In these instances, there's nothing to install, and updates are handled by the browser or operating system
                    • IE and Edge on Win8+
                      Both include Flash Player as a built-in component, and updates are delivered through Windows Update
                      There's nothing separate to download or install
                    • Google Chrome on all platforms
                      Flash Player is a built-in component of Chrome.  Updates are delivered by Chrome's update mechanism


                  In the very unlikely event that you encounter a situation where the wrong payload was deployed (i.e. you opted out, but got the bundled offer anyway), I'd be more than happy to investigate.


                  The following information, and your geographical location would be helpful.


                  Adobe uses a global Content Distribution Network (CDN) to deliver content.  Knowing the geography and language in play might help me track down any highly localized problems with a specific CDN node or translated page.


                  The following information about your environment is also always helpful and appreciated:


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                    bacarlson2010 Level 1

                    No.  WRONG.  WRONG.  WRONG.  You are missing the point.  what is wrong is installing software without my permission, opt out or not.  If I order an iPad on Amazon they don't also charge me for a book on whales and a designer t-shirt because I didn't opt out.  Opt-out installation is simply a way of tricking people into installing software that they do not want.   If you were truly serious about being transparent you would have an OPT-IN download system. 


                    If you say it is so easy to read and de-select the buttons to "Opt Out" then it should be just as easy to select to Opt-IN.  And if there are potential browser issues or ad-blockers that prevent people from seeing the options then you should err on the side of caution and again use the Opt-IN approach.  It's a win-win for you and consumers.  The fact that you aren't doing this (and Adobe has very smart people and lawyers so they have thought of this) means Adobe would rather use back handed trickery than doing the honest thing.


                    Wrong.  Bad Adobe.

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                      bobstones Level 1

                      Completely agree with all that is said about the sly way that Adobe installs this software.  I guess they have learned from the masters - Microsoft - when it comes to 'sharp' business practices.


                      How do I get rid of this annoying installation anyway?

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                        BuckyB Level 1

                        That happened to me too. I have all the safety I need and I checked no. I had to uninstall it. I just needed it to contact my senators!

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                          BuckyB Level 1

                          Go to the Control Panel and uninstall it. That is what I had to do. It is frustrating that a person says they don't want something and Adobe installs it anyway. Adobe causes a lot of problems and controls too much--like Google.

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                            calvino39855730 Level 1

                            I always chose the Opt Out option, and still occasionally have to uninstall McAfee on my wife's computers, and I finally solved the issue by allowing Adobe to automatically Flash updates. But all this whining is ridiculous. I've been working with PCs since the early 90s, and bundling one programs with hardware or other software has always been a valuable revenue stream for software developers. What we see today is truly nothing compared to the old wild wild west days. Back then, you'd find half a dozen programs in your installed list to uninstall for every program you actually wanted. Talk about registration issues. I'd have to wipe a c: drive and reinstall the OS at least once a year. The amount of money Adobe likely makes from its strategic arrangement with a reputable company like McAfee, even providing a clearly marked and explained Opt Box, far outweighs the 4-5 Forum Posts a year they have to read and respond to from spoiled consumers. Adobe aren't angels, but this is not a case where they've done anything unethical or unscrupulous. If you install McAfee, as I too have inadvertently done in the past, it's your own fault, as it was mine.

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                              wasecan Level 1

                              It's like ordering a pepperoni pizza, and getting anchovies on it also - for free - because you didn't remember to "opt out" of anchovies.  Yeah, it's partly your fault, but how do you feel about the pizza joint while you're picking all those baked-on minnows off your food?  Sorry, but the anchovy industry pays us to do it, and if you somehow forget or don't notice the "opt-out" wording, well, sucks to be you, I guess.  It's like being punished for being a customer.


                              This wouldn't bother me so much if McAfee could just simply be deleted if I, or my wife, accidentally forgets to uncheck the box.  But NO, it immediately screws with your defaults and it's a major pain to COMPLETELY get rid of.  It plants traces and artifacts all over the place and in the registry.  Yes, it IS possible to completely undo an unintentional McCrapafee install, but it's a major pain.


                              I realize that economics dictate Adobe's decision to stoop this low, and it's actually EXPECTED from a crapware company like McAfee, but you have to know that customers who inadvertently install McAfee DON'T WANT IT, and while some might not even realize what they did (apparently your primary targets), and just leave McCrapafee on their system, most will be cursing Adobe & McAfee the whole time they have to waste cleaning that junk out of their computers.

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                                Tim Stowe Photo Level 1

                                Clearly, it is your own fault, as the options are in fact displayed right there in front of you as you view the installer.


                                That said...  It's lame, Adobe.  Lame. 


                                GIANT YELLOW "INSTALL NOW" BUTTON

                                little teeny "uncheck this if you don't want this crapware!" boxes. 

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                                  Zoe7traveller Level 1

                                  OMG...this just happened to me as well and it was absolutely *not* listed as an obvious part of the options, but even if it were, this is insane that Adobe would even affiliate itself with crapware, much less try to sneak it in (and this was your intent, Adobe).  Fortunately, I saw Macafee was installing and I cancelled before it finished.


                                  I'm really disappointed Adobe would engage in this kind of make-money-fast endeavor.  I expected them to stand above most other companies in this regard....

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                                    mikes007 Level 1

                                    I never expected Adobe to sacrifice their brand image for McAfee.  I unintentionally installed this garbage on my work machine thanks to this unethical opt-out process.  I make every effort to only install software from reputable manufacturers on my work machine, and as far as I'm concerned, Adobe is no longer a reputable manufacturer.  I will never install an Adobe product on any of my workstations again. Apple was right to kill flash off-  its cancerous.



                                    Go ahead and blame me for failing to opt out, but don't blame me when the software development community abandons your products.

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                                      farmisen Level 1

                                      @ridhijain: This is unnecessary and unacceptable. I bet you are going to loose a bunch loyal users' trust just as you made them loose some precious time scrubbing the 3rd party software you sneaked in their machine. Please make that an opt in for a few weeks and realize that no one is interested by it. At the very least clearly notify the user IN THE INSTALLER of what you are installing and where.


                                      Also after reading the backlog I am kind of surprised that every answer from your staff is totally wide of the mark. No one is asking you questions about js, ad blockers or software distribution channels and the only concern is that you (let's be honest, not you but probably some idiot with too much time to spend in meetings and a not very large intellect) are using mild deception techniques to opt in people into downloading and installing some software they do not desire. This is just bad.



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                                        ridhijain Adobe Employee

                                        Hi farmisen,


                                        Thanks for your feedback. I will share the same with the team.



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                                          sah59784865 Level 1

                                          That's a ridiculous argument. The fact that other people in the past used to behave even more unethically and obnoxiously does not excuse the unethical obnoxious behavior Adobe is engaging in now. Kind of like saying it's OK for the pizza place to put anchovies on your pizza even though you didn't want them because some other chain used to put 10 ingredients you didn't order on your pizza. And blaming the customer is even more ridiculous and obnoxious. So you ordered a cheese pizza and wound up with 10 ingredients on it you didn't want because you failed to tell the pizza place NOT to add anchovies, onions, peppers, meatballs, eggplant, etc., etc., etc. Give me a break!

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                                            sah59784865 Level 1

                                            Agree with everything breakerbreaker said and every subsequent comment supporting him/her. Adobe buries the opt-out button. You click the install now button without noticing you are getting crapware because it's in the middle of a routine that most of us do without stopping to carefully examine every step along the way.


                                            Frankly, I find this practice by Adobe INFURIATING and would dump flash player in an instant if I could find a viable alternative (Suggestions anyone?). I have not opted for automatic installation of updates because I can't find anything that guarantees that Adobe won't automatically install McAfee (or God knows what else) automatically.


                                            There's an easy solution, Adobe: JUST. STOP! I don't want your bundled software stuffed down my throat under some fake guise that I have given permission because you've made it damn near impossible to find the opt-out button.


                                            I'm going to say this again in case you missed it the first time: JUST. STOP! That's it - JUST. STOP!


                                            Got it?

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                                              janicel27916964 Level 1

                                              For those of us with tracking blockers like Ghostery, THE OPT OUT CHECK BOXES DO NOT DISPLAY. So, I'm being punished for trying to protect my browsing privacy by having crapware like McAfee automatically installed. Shame on you, Adobe. Why in the world would you want to antagonize customers in this way? Not exactly a great marketing strategy.