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    File Upload Response Timeout in AIR

    joechristopher Level 1

      I am experiencing an issue where I am uploading a file through File.upload and reading the response through an HTTP_RESPONSE_STATUS listener. The issue is that the file is rather large and the server does some processing that takes a minute or two sometimes. The file successfully uploads but AIR receives a blank response after exactly 30 seconds. On a smaller file size that requires less server processing, I receive the response fine.

      Is this a bug? Also, I am not able to duplicate it on a Mac, just Windows.

      Is there a way to control this response timeout value?
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          Cameron Childress
          Adobe's confirmed that certain network operations timeout after 30 seconds in the Windows AIR player no matter what timeout setting you tell AIR to obey.


          I would assume that your problem stems from this same issue. My workaround for this problem was to use CF gateways... One to accept the request from AIR and start processing, and a second to send the response back to the AIR app via a polling destination. This won't scale well in certain situations, but for me it worked out just fine...