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    Problems activating photoshop CS3


      Hi, I used photoshop 10 several years ago then upgraded to CS2 and CS3 paying for the upgrades etc. Now every time I launch photoshop I get a message

      saying I have to reactivate photoshop and get a new serial number. I got the new serial number and downloaded the new software but i'm still getting the reactivation message. Also, the software available to me is for photoshop 10 so I can't open RAW files as this version of photoshop didn't have this function. And yet I got the serial number of the CS3 upgrade dvd case. I've been on adobe chat about four times but no one seems to be able to help. They're come to the conclusion that I need to pay now for a more recent version of photoshop. Very frustrating! Can anyone help? I have work ready to process but can't get on with it!