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    Muse - Publishing two master pages - only one visible


      Hi. First of all apologies for my limited knowledge and ability, I am struggling a little here.


      What I am trying to achieve:  I am trying to build two separate landing pages for two separate promotions. These should be accessible by simply clicking the link address from the advert on social media, but should both be under the same url. www.fraserptandcityphysical.com     /FPTPromo    &      /CPPromo


      What I have done so far: So I have built two independent / separate master pages for headers, then one child page for each master containing the rest of the promotional content. This makes two separate pages for publishing on the same site and In the future I wish to add more when necessary.


      My problem is: I have been able to publish/upload to FTP Host which is  godaddy, under one url www.fraserptandcityphysical.com and into a dedicated folder for this site on my cSpan. When I publish this muse site I get this address come up http://www.fraserptandcityphysical.com/index.html and I am only able to see one of the pages (the first one) no matter what I enter in as a url extension. If I put in just the url with out the /index.html (www.fraserptandcityphysical.com) I see an old copy of the site that I loaded up days ago.


      I am at a total loss as to how to make this work as I just don't have the technical know how or the thought process to work it out..... it would seem.

      What am I doing wrong? Do I need to load an index for the site? If so where? Do I need to build it differently with a home page and then two child pages? I have seen tutorials with two master pages so I think this should be ok like this accept for whatever it is I am missing.


      Any help would be greatly recieved.