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    getting the "All Tools" Set to WORK!!!


      Hi there!

      Using Acrobat Reader DC. Its as updated as can be. I want to do some editing which is capable with by downloading the "All Tools" set from https://acrobatusers.com/tool-sets-exchange . Downloaded it a few times now, but its a .auii file, which my computer and/or acrobat don't seem to know how to open or run. I'm prompted to download apps (which cost $) to open the file, but even then I don't know if they'll work and I don't plan on paying to find out.

      What am I doing wrong? My colleague was able to download this tool set and has all the functionalities we need. He *may* be using an older or different version of Acrobat, and of course he's away for a few days so I can't check with him, but even then I would think this tool set would run better on the updated version than an older one. Any and all help is appreciated