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    A Wired AJAX error

    newchickinCF Level 1
      I have created my application in ajax, and when i open cfwindow and do some editing in form loaded in cfwindow.

      if i try add something it gives me error that the field is not filled. till now its OK.

      Now i accidently close the cfwindow from top X link. The next time i open the cfwindow and fill the all field value. it keeps on showing me the same error as i generated it during the first time cfwindow was open.

      I kept happening in all my cfwindow forms.

      i try to generate cfwindow by 2 ways:

      1 way: is:

      day = new Date();
      ArticleWindowID = 'viewallarticles' + day.getTime();
      var windowOptions = new Object();
      windowOptions.width = 500;
      windowOptions.height = 600;
      windowOptions.center = true;
      windowOptions.modal = true;
      windowOptions.refreshOnShow = true;
      windowOptions.resizeable = true;
      windowOptions.initshow = true;
      windowOptions.draggable = true;
      windowOptions.closeable = false;
      windowOptions.headerstyle = 'font-family: verdana; background-color: #0066FF;';

      ColdFusion.Window.create(ArticleWindowID,'Manage','manage.cfm?formName=' + ArticleWindowID + '&fileid=' + id, windowOptions);

      anotherway lilke:

      function Writen() {
      var d = new Date();
      var curr_hour = d.getHours();
      var curr_min = d.getMinutes();
      var curr_sec = d.getSeconds();
      ColdFusion.Window.create(curr_hour + curr_min + curr_sec,"Ask","ask.cfm",

      both ways it perform wired as above told by me?