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    Photoshop CC 2017 keeps crashing on monitor switch

    Paula Shin Level 1

      Recently I was still working with PS CC 2015.5 and never had this issue.

      Now I delayed update for several months (if not years) to avoid crashes, yet here I am stumbling on one.


      I use a Cintiq Pro 16 + Dual Monitor setup in a Windows 10 Pro.

      While using the cintiq as a tablet, PS CC 2017 works just fine. But if I switch it to monitor and try to to move my PS screen to the cintiq display, it crashes right after moving.


      Both Wacom Drivers and Photoshop are fully updated.

      What is going on? Anyone had this problem?


      I already fully reinstalled photoshop. And still it persists.

      Any help please! I don't wanna be stuck on CC 2015.5!