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    Digimarc won't install


      I have purchased Digimarc for images and cannot get it to install. I have a MacBook Pro OX S Yosemite version 10.10.5 and Photoshop CC2017.


      I have tried troubleshooting and rebooting, uninstalling the extension manager and reinstalling it, quitting Photoshop and restarting it. Nothing works. It does not even show up in the filter section at all.


      The error says ”This extension cannot be installed, it requires Photoshop version 13 or greater.”




      Pamela Tuckey

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          AnkMaan Adobe Employee

          Hello Pamela,


          Extension Manager is not supported for version above CS6. You have to use Creative Cloud Desktop App for installation. If you have not already installed the Creative Cloud desktop app, please download and install it from https://www.adobe.com/creativecloud/desktop-app.html for free.



          • Then click on ‘Remove’, then ‘Install’. Please wait a few moments, then check the ‘Activity Stream' in the CC Desktop App, and confirm if it states that installation was successful, or failed?


          • If it failed, please provide us with the exact error message and its screenshot.


          • If it says successful, please read the ‘Where to Find it’ tab on the add-on homepage (link above) which will tell you where you can find the product after it has been installed.


          If you still have some doubts and unresolved issues you can directly email us at asupport@adobe.com



          Adobe Exchange Vetting

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            Deb_Marvin Level 1

            I have the same problem but with Photoshop CC 2018 on my desktop PC. I have Windows 10 Pro and, due to a hard drive crash and subsequent replacement, my OS and all my application installs are "clean". I ran through every single troubleshooting step and nothing resolved the issue. (I sent a detailed email to asupport@adobe com and to 'support@digimarc.com' and am awaiting a response.)

            When I booted up my laptop this morning, Creative Cloud sync licked in and installed the plug-in on my laptop (which also has a new hard drive). I haven't attempted to launch Photoshop on the laptop but that will be my next step.

            I did note that that the Digimarc add-in compatibility only includes up to Photoshop CC 2017. While this may be my issue, it does not explain Pamela's problem or the apparent installation success on my laptop (also running Windows 10 Pro).