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    How can I "change style" of my signature? The "change style pull down does not offer any other styles -- they are all just the basic printing of my name? (Windows, Acrobat DC, recent update)


      I have always added a signature via the "Fill & Sign" function for basic forms. I did so as recently as two days ago. Now, my previously saved signature (which I've used for a long time) no longer comes up as an option to use. When I try to create a new signature, all I can do is type my name in the box -- the "Change Style" tab does not have any options for additional "styles" of signature. I need to be able to use a signature that LOOKS LIKE a signature, but all I can get now is a basic printing of my name.


      I have tried the directions here: Signing PDFs in Adobe Acrobat

      And I know that I could use the "Certificates" function -- but I do not want to do that. I merely want to reproduce a signature-looking image and then protect the document -- but the "signature" function is not working properly for some reason.


      I have rebooted the computer, checked settings, done every single thing that I could possibly think of -- but a function I have used for years no longer works.



      Acrobat Pro DC (institutional license copy)