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    advanced data grid memory leak issues


      Steps to reproduce:
      1. create an hierarchical xml as per the adobe live docs

      2. load this in to your flex app with http service (e4x) using hierarchical data as data provider eg

      mydata = new HierarchicalData(root.item);
      mydata.childrenField = "child" ;

      3. use a refresh button to reload the data

      Actual Results: system memory increases unlimited.

      Expected Results: system memory levels out as is with the normal datagrid
      I have made a test application that demonstrates the issue reported i hope it will help you resolve the issue.
      The proplem is particularly apparent with larger data sets and frequent data refreshes as with our application currently in production. The application should run in a webserver environment. For local file system use you might have to change the permissions.
      I did some further tests and the problem only occurs if the "displayItemsExpanded" property of the advanced datagrid is set to true.
      Michel Durieux
      this bug is filed under