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    Missing text, Scanned Page Alert for Adobe Acrobat XI Pro


      Problem: An Adobe Acrobat XI Pro user will be working on a PDF that is saved on a share drive, highlighting certain sections and adding notes, Adobe Acrobat XI Pro will then throw the following errors in the order listed, which will cause all text to become invisible.


      Error Message 1:

      Scanned Page Alert

      This page contains only an image of a scanned page. There are not text characters. Would you like to run character analysis to try to make the text on this page accessible? (Performing this task, results in completely blank pages.)


      Error Message 2:

      Acrobat could not replace the current page with the new recognized page because of the following error:

      Object label badly formatted

      This could be due to either a low memory situation or low disk space.

      (Memory was observed at 56% at the time of this event)


      Error Message 3:

      Acrobat could not perform recognition (OCR) on this page because:

      Unknown error


      Error Message 4:

      There was en error processing an annotation or link. There was a problem reading this document (109).


      What can we do to help this user?