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    Photoshop stalls when opening files


      SYSTEM SETUP: CS6 in El Capitain.  4Ghz iMac I7 64gb RAM, 2 TB ssd drive.   16TB Hardware RAID 0 (3TB available).  Photoshop user for 20 years.  I had current setup for 1 year with no issues until now.


      2 days ago, Bridge became painfully slow.  Every time I try to open a photoshop file, the rainbow spinning ball starts.   and it takes about 2 minutes before photoshop registers and starts opening the file.   In the "force quit applications" window, both Bridge and Photoshop is listed as "not responding".  Eventually file opens and everything is fine.  Same problem when opening files directly from my External RAID 0 through the finder.


      • I tried resetting bridge and photoshop (restart with option+shift+command)

      • I deinstalled all adobe applications and reinstalled them.

      • used diskwarrior to rebuild directory, and repair permissions on all drives.

      • Blackmagic disk speed tests gives me approx 300mb write speed and 2000mb/s read speed, but strangely it takes about 15sec for the program to begin testing.


      Any idea what might be going on here?


      For a couple of months, when opening Bridge I've been getting the message to "purge the cache", which I did to no avail.  This message went away after reinstallation.