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    Send for Signature not working (no email in inbox)




      I've used the 'Send for Signature' feature a few times before to have some of my clients sign contracts. However, this particular time I seem to be having an issue.


      Nothing appears to be wrong, per say, at least in terms of sending it off. I have the person's correct email address, I CC my own email. It sends off and uploads just fine. However, nothing is appearing in her email inbox, and I'm not getting the Carbon Copy in my email inbox either. I've tried it numerous times, and still nothing.


      I'm logged into my Adobe account and I have no issues accessing any other features on Acrobat.


      So, I'm kind of stuck. While this isn't entirely prohibiting to me, this is a very convenient feature for my business, so it's mildly frustrating that it isn't working.


      If anyone has any ideas as to what the problem is, I'd appreciate the assistance.


      Thank you!


      - Sam