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    Keyboard Shortcut Problems

    antoineg68255935 Level 1



      I'm having problems with the last photoshop update and my keyboards shortcuts.


      The main problem is when :


      I have my brush selected. I press E to go to the eraser, then press my shortcut for "decreasing brush size" : Photoshop switch back to the brush tool.


      The same happen the opposite way or with any tool.


      I think it might be a problem with the spring loaded function. Because if I do :


      Have the brush selected, Press Z for zoom, alt + click to zoom back, B for brush tool, space bar to navigate the canvas, release, it goes back to the zoom tool.


      Sometimes the problem even happen in those situations :


      I erase something, B for brush, paint 2 strokes, press Z, photoshop dont load the zoom tool but to the eraser.


      I've tried to reset my preferences, keyboard shortcut, everything, everything is fine in CC 2017 but dont work in 2018.


      Do you have any idea ?