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    Interactive buttons running Javascript to save to specific file location not working

    hollys45933388 Level 1



      I have a PDF form with 2 buttons at the top that are set to run a Javascript. One of them saves the file to a specific server location under a certain file name. The other saves it in the same way and also sends an email with the form as an attachment.


      In previous versions of this form, both buttons worked perfectly fine. I have changed a number of things now about the form itself but no changes were made to the buttons. However, the save function of the buttons no longer work (though the second button still generates an email fine).


      I've run through every line of Javascript code and confirmed it's the same as the previous version, so I don't think it's the code. I feel like it's a setting on the doc itself, but as far as I can see, they're all the same as well. Any ideas what else (settings or anything else) might block the save function on the buttons from working?


      Thanks in advance!