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    Is this possible?

      I'm new to AIR, and exploring all of the capabilities and features of Flex. I'm wondering if this is possible..and if so...holy crap it's amazing.

      I developed a Project Management web application using PHP and MySQL. People navigate to the site, log in, and manage projects.

      Is it possible to create an app using Flex Builder, compile it as an AIR file, deploy it onto multiple desktops (windows and mac) and then that AIR file takes the place of the browser. Users can view, manage, and add projects by opening up the AIR application.

      This would require an internet connection, obviously, since we would need to connect to the MySQL database.

      If it is possible, should I re-write the entire program in Flex? the application has a ton of PHP files which manages users and their permissions. Some users can add projects, some users can submit projects for approval, some users can approve those projects, etc. I think the scope of this project is pretty big for a newb like myself. But I love a good challenge :)
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          Joe ... Ward Level 4
          This is definitely possible and one of the primary uses of AIR.

          Rewriting in Flex is optional, but has some benefits. You could use the HTMLLoader control to display the HTML pages generated by the PHP server.

          If you rewrote in Flex, or even straight HTML/JavaScript, your AIR application would not necessarily need to be connected all the time. AIR has a built-in database that you could use to cache a user's offline changes -- which you could then sync to the main DB when a connection is restored. Rewriting in Flex would also allow you to share most of the code between the Web application and the Desktop application.