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    Seeing warning triangles in the layers palette beside text layers when opening PS7 files in CS2, and getting popup notices.


      I have some old projects I created in PS7 many years ago, and whenever I open them in CS2, I see a warning triangle beside each text entry in the layers palette, and when I either double click the triangle or click the cursor on a layer of text in the layout, I get a popup saying "Editing or rendering the text layer "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" will cause its layout to change. Continue?", even though the same exact fonts are still on my system. I can't find a way to do an all-inclusive "OK" in CS2 to remove the popup for all text layers collectively, so each one must be done individually. And, when there are many text layers in a large project, it's extremely annoying and time consuming to be clicking "OK" on each popup for each text layer. Any ideas?