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    embed pdf with more than one page

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      I have a plugin that programmatically embed all the images (.jpg, .png, pdf, photoshop and illustrator images) and then exports the document to idml file.


      The users can add a pdf with multiple pages and select a page different from the 1, then the plugin embed that pdf and then export the document to idml. When the idm is opened (in CS6 or CS5.5 or CS5) the selected page is not indicated in any place ( in the .indd is indicated in the link of the pdf but in the idml it didn't appear).


      What do I need to do get that information? (can I indicate that when embedding the file?)



      This is part of the code that i'm using to embed the pdf file



           ErrorCode embedErr = linkFacade->EmbedLinks(listOfLinks);



      listOfLinks.GetRef(0)   has the link ref to the pdf file that I'm obtaining after iterating the documen