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    Looking for a snowdrift tutorial

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      I have an image that I took and manipulated with a phone app that I now want to use for a Christmas greeting card. I'd like to add a "snow drift" look - like snow left on branches and the edges of an old-fashioned street lamp. Can anyone recommend a tutorial, brush effect, or action preset to create this look? I've found plenty of useful resources for creating falling snow effects, but I'm looking for something to build up snow on branches, ledges, etc. I'm experimenting, but finding a tutorial or brush would sure speed up the process! I appreciate any suggestions.

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          Sereniti1952 Level 1

          I actually figured it out. Here are before and after images. How is it done?


          The original image was taken with an iPhone, and a filter was applied using the phone app Prisma. The "before" image is that filtered Priwsma result.


          1) After opening the image in Photoshop, create a new layer above the background layer.

          2) Using the pencil tool, with the new layer selected, paint along the part of the image you want the snow to appear built up on.

          3) With the new layer selected, open the FX tool in the lower right, select Bevel and Emboss.

          4) I applied the settings until they looked the way I wanted

               Structure: Style: Embox, Technique: Smooth, Depth: 199%, Direction: Up, Size: 65px, Soften: 7px

               Shading: Angle: 130 degrees, uncheck Use Global Light, Altitude: 30 degrees, Gloss Contour: Cove -      Shallow, Highlight Mode: Normal, white, Opacity: 13%, Shadow Mode: Multiply, black, Opacity: 44%

          5) Select Contour below Bevel and Emboss. Settings - Contour: Gausian, check Anti-Aliased, Range: 100%

          6) Select Texture. Choose a pattern that gives you a texture you like. I used Pastel Paper. Scale: 99%, Depth: +100%, uncheck Invert, Check Link with Layer

          7) Because the original image is sepia toned, the white snow looked unnatural, so I applied a color overlay,      #f6dfc5. Blend Mode: Normal, Opacity: 100%.


          I created the falling snow using the tutorial at Photoshop Snow Effect - Add Falling Snow To A Winter Photo