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    Scratch Disk full - wont let me change setttings

    caitlinl38731273 Level 1

      My scratch disk is full. ive attempted to follow the instructions i have found however im not given the option to unselect the current drive!

      ANy suggestions?

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          KShinabery212 Adobe Community Professional

          Two questions.... how old is your computer?  And how full is it or how much memory do you have left?


          If the computer is older then you may run into problems.  Or if you constantly save to your device without backing things up and without erasing things that could also be an issue.  It is very easy to fill up a hard drive.


          I would backup older files to a external had drive.  Then erase them from the computer.  This will begin to clean things up.  Also look in your download folder and erase old things there.  There are several ways to clean up a computer and erase things that you no longer need.

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            D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            In fact most of the junk tends to accumulate in your user folder Users > Your name > Appdata. Applications store most of their working data here - and it never gets emptied out again, presumably on the premise that "you may need it again". But if you do, it gets rebuilt.


            For instance, I was very surprised to find complete Bridge preview caches for every previous Bridge version ever installed on the machine, even if the application itself had been removed. It totaled 60 GB alone! That's useless junk just sitting there, taking up valuable space.


            There's a brilliant little utility called WinDirStat that will generate a proportionally correct visual map of your drive, color coded to file types and extensions. It shows you at a glance where to start cleaning up.

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