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    Lightroom Android App - Saving to SD Card


      I just downloaded the Lightroom for Android app on my Note 8 because I couldn't figure out whether the Note 8 camera app can save in a RAW format (Got conflicting answers from Samsung support and AndroidCentral forum). I want to save all my images in both .jpg and .dng format on my SD card, and I perceive that the Lightroom Android app can do so but I can't figure out how to so it. Once I have created the .jpg and .dng files, I will download them into the Photoshop Elements Organizer and edit them in Elements.


      There are a few things I can'f figure out in the app:

      1. Where are settings that allow me to save all images, both .jpg and .dng to my Note 8 SD Card?

      2. Is there a way I can get the app to simultaneously save the image in both formats? If so, how.


      Can someone help"

      Thanks, Bob

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          Hi Bob.

          Glad you posted this as I'm seeking a little more advance version of this. In the settings of the app you can give Lightroom cc access to your sd card to save file but instead of save to your "physical" it save to the phones "emulated\0" folder.


          1.To select sd card touch the 3 lines on the top left corner.

          2. Then select "Device info & storage"

          3. Flip the switch to blue and grant Lightroom all permissions it asks for.


          It's like a "fake" sd card folder on your phone instead of saving to the real sd card.


          I've moved the folder to the physical sd card and lightroom could still see the images but when I take a test shot it created the album in the old fake sd card location again.


          I will try and make a symlink to the real sd card and see if that works but I think this needs to be addressed by Adobe.


          Hope someone can help