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    Keyboard shortcuts not working


      Tool shortcuts (ex. B, I, X..) and Menu shortcuts (ex. CTRL+N, CTRL+N, ALT+CTRL+Z..) are not working. Photoshop does register both CTRL (changes cursor) and ALT (underlines Menu items) and both at the same time (changes cursor). Only hotkeys that seem to work are CTRL+Backspace and ALT+Backspace for filling layer with color.


      Going to Edit->Keyboard Shortcuts.. doesn't allow me to set new hotkeys, only remove (does not give error apart from trying to use space, but nothing happens).


      What I have done so far:

      1. Reset preferences.

      2. Reinstall Photoshop.

      3. Install earlier versions of Photoshop.

      4. Troubleshoot with Adobe Customer Service via remote desktop.

      5. Reinstall Windows.


      First step towards solving this is the customer service guy figuring out that the hotkeys worked on another account (I think he enabled local administrator account using cmd?). He then concluded that the problem is on Microsofts product. Contacted Microsoft, they said it's not a fault on their end, because the problem is specific only to Photoshop.



      - Hotkeys do work in Lightroom

      - To leave no stone unturned I do admit the problem started when I used a pirated version of Photoshop

      - But now I have a license