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    Best Macbook Pro specs for someone who uses a lot of CC?

    emmafrancesink Level 1

      My mid-2014 Macbook Pro (2.6GHz, i5) broke on me yesterday. I took it to a Mac specialist and he explained that because I use CC daily for work (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Muse, After Effects) my i5 graphics card has come to the end (or something like that). I took extremely good care of my Macbook to ensure it was never updated above what it could handle, had space, etc, so I was shocked it could just stop working over-night.


      I'm a freelance designer, but I'm freshly graduated and I have very little money as it is. I plan to buy a second hand 2014 or 2015 Pro model again, as that is all that's in my price range, however, I have a few questions about specs:


      • I was advised to stick to i7, as it will cope better with my CC usage and last longer than my i5 had done. There's a massive price difference between the two, so before I go into debt, can I confirm this is accurate?


      • I'm also stuck on GHz - I would always try and get as much GHz as I could for my money before, but now with the price of i7s, is this still necessary? Can I still have a fast i7 Macbook with, say, 2.0 GHz, and have the Macbook last with heavy CC usage?


      Please help, I'm a little overwhelmed. Also, what would be the minimum spec I can get away with long-term in your opinions?