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    jpeg changes in cc PS 2018


      2 strange things have suddenly started happening that didn't before.... first I normally open a jpeg into PS and when edited  go "file"  "save"     a save confirmation box comes up and the jpeg is overwritten - now I get a windows explorer style save box preset to .psd and have to navigate back ( similar to "save as" but worse as default is .psd)  So the time put on my workflow is just massive now.

      secondly  - if I crop an image, and then add a shake reduction, it has always applied to the crop - now regardless of crop the whole original image appears for sharpening. again adding massive time issues.

      What has happened and how can I revert?    I cant work like this with 1000 jpegs each time

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          Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

          You didn’t explain your complete workflow, so this is just a guess. If you crop a jpeg, but leave the setting to NOT delete pixels, this will create a layered file. Since the file is no longer flattened you can’t just save over it back to a jpeg. This same thing explains your second problem too. The whole image appears in the shake reduction filter because you didn’t throw out the pixels when cropping it.


          While in the crop tool, look at the top of your screen in the options bar. That’s where you will find the option to delete pixels when cropping.

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            Benjamin Root MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            As Theresa said, any layers will make Photoshop default to Save As PSD. What you can do, is create an Action with two steps: Flatten, Save. You would set a keyboard shortcut for the Action, and the Action will replace your Save step.

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              Gus176 Level 1

              Brilliant - thanks both!!    Had inadvertently unchecked delete pixels!!