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    Download Files for Purchase


      Hei Adobe Community,


      I would like to sell files on my website. So I might have an idea how to create a link to the download file, but how can I add there a purchase option??? If I would do it with the Paypal Button, then my customers could pay right away, but they would not get the link to file right away. Does anyone know how to fix it, so they can buy and download right away?


      Thank you in advance for your help!
      - Sophie

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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Sophie,

          what country do you want to sell to?

          what kind of files i.e, pdf, video etc?

          what happens if people don't have Paypal or (in my case) refuse to use that service... are you also allowing other credit options like Western Union for example?

          how long is the wait for this file i.e, they pay and you want to email the file to them later or you just want them to be added into a client database and that takes time... in most countries you can have a resonable delay in sending the goods but a * receipt | email confirming paymaent should always be sent straight away


          * all established payment systems like Paypal etc will take care of that detail

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            iMuru Level 1



            Thanks for your response.


            I don't have a specific country, but it would be mainly in Europe. The files will be pdfs and InDesign files (templates), if there are more files I will zip them. The billing confirmation itself is no problem. I've seen other websites offering exactly what I want to do, I just have no idea how they are doing it. For me personally it's not acceptable to buy a download and then you have to wait for the link to arrive. So I'm looking for a way to automatise it. What would be great is maybe an automatic follow up email with the link/file.
            Do you have any idea how to achieve that? Maybe I have to use Shopify or another platform?
            Worst case, I have to runaround with my computer everywhere and be fast with responding to sales. Not impossible, but needs to be a better way.

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              Pavel Homeriki Level 5

              In Muse this is not possible. For your case perfectly suited Joomla + J2Store extension. And maybe Shopify is also suitable for this.

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                iMuru Level 1

                Thank you for your help. I found a solution. Sellfy offers exactly what I was looking for and I can embed buttons to use in Muse.

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                  HMAM Level 4

                  PayPal does work as well ...you don’t need a Pay Pal account either. Ironically Sellify offers PayPal and Stripe as payment options. Sellify is not as popular in some areas of the world. Pick one that is commonly used and “trusted”.

                  PayPal Digital Products: Sell Digital Downloads Online - PayPal US