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    Problem with Wacom pen and alt key

    Doc_Pit Level 1

      I'm running Windows 10 Pro with Photoshop CC 2018 on a Dell 7710, with a Cintiq 21UX attached.  In addition, I have an extra USB keyboard.  I control the size and softness of my brush using the alt+Rclick method.  I have checked my Wacom Properties to ensure that the pen button I'm pushing is, in fact, assigned to right click.  I have just encountered the following problem:


      If I use a brush and try to control it with alt+Rclick, using the laptop alt key,  I'll get a box that says "Alt" and, as I drag, I'll get a gray and black circle.

      If I do the same using the auxiliary keyboard, I'll get a box with "Alt Gr" and the gray/black circle.

      If I try the same procedure using the mouse instead of the pen, it works as it should.  Using alt+Rclick allows me to control size and softness of the brush.


      Reinstalling the Wacom driver doesn't fix the problem.  Any suggestions?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Try changing you window setting control panel pen and touch

          disable flick uncheck that box

          Pen and touch Press and hold Right-click Settings

          Disable that feature un-check enable

          There are many other threads about Wacom  devices use.

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            Doc_Pit Level 1

            JJ, thanks for the response.  None of those options worked.  I have been experiencing a lot of instability since updating to CC 2018; so I reverted to CC 2017.  Unfortunately, that did not correct the problem either.  However, I noticed that if, instead of alt+Rclick, I just Rclick, I get a menu on screen that allows me to adjust size and hardness.  That works kind of.  So, this time, I'll punt.  I am glad I explored those Control Panel settings.  Thanks, again, for the response.

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              amyh52401280 Level 1

              I have the exact same issue, with the shift button too. In photoshop, indesign and illustrator, no other apps just adobe.

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                Doc_Pit Level 1

                Just to update: For some reason (God knows why) the alt key now works to control the size and hardness of my Wacom pen.  Perhaps, tomorrow, it will go off again. (While the alt key works, now my scrubby zoom is gone.)  I've pretty much given up on trying to fix things in Photoshop.  I just work around.  Part of my problem may be that I use a legacy Wacom Cintiq 21UX.  That driver hasn't been updated for over a year.

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                  amyh52401280 Level 1

                  That sounds like a nightmare. I don't know off hand the name of my Wacom but I know its the second latest one. To elaborate on the (similar) issues I'm having: The Alt and Shift key either get 'stuck' or don't work at all. When I say it gets 'stuck' I mean they seem to sometimes work like the caps lock key - so either it works as if I'm keeping the key in (after I've released it) or the key doesn't work at all. It's an absolute pain when I'm trying to use the pen tool in photoshop and illustrator, tripling the time it would usually take me to get something done. Even the simple act of Alt-dragging an object to duplicate it can be frustrating. InDesign also has the problem though not to the extreme the others do. Also, sometimes when I use the space bar to get the hand tool, I get the zoom I hope there's someone out there that can help us.


                  Thanks for your reply and for sharing an issue I thought I was facing alone.

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                    JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                    There are many threads on this subject...   Most likely there is no additional information we can post that has not been posted. You provide little information about your configuration......


                    Can you post all your Photoshop Preferences settings. State if you using INK or Wintab API, for Pen support with Photoshop,  Post  Your Wacom Drivers version  and all your Wacom Preferences set for Photoshop,  Also Post all your Windows  Pen and Touch settings.  All these need to be configures correctly so the will play nice with each other.  


                    There are also reports that users have problem with some Windows Updates and also with some Wacom drivers versions.   It a good also to  reset Photoshop preferences and to remove all Wacom preference and create new ones when you have problems  using your Wacom Pen with Photoshop.  Corrupt preferences can cause all sorts of problems.

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                      Doc_Pit Level 1

                      I apologize if I was not clear.  My point is that I experience various problems--alt not working to regulate the Wacom pen or scrubby zoom disappearing and later reappearing--on a regular basis.  I believe that occurs when automatic updates (to Windows 10, Photoshop, a graphics card, etc.) cause conflicts and subsequent updates resolve those conflicts.  I think the fact that Wacom no longer updates my 21UX driver is a problem.  I do very much appreciate the help I have received from this forum.  Many thanks.