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    Edit newer RAW 9.5 format (like from Canon 80D) on Macbook Pro Snow Leopard (10.6.8)?


      Hi all,

      I have a Macbook Pro (mid 2011) running on Snow Leopard (10.6.8) with Photoshop CS6 installed. I recently bought a Canon 80D camera. Turns out that the newer RAW file format of the 80D (9.5) isn't supported by Photoshop CS6. The suggested work around in other posts is to use the DNG converter which allows you to make newer RAW file formats readable in older Photoshop versions. My issue is that the latest/most up to date DNG convertor version available for Snow Leopard is version 8.3. Unfortunately, this version also does not support the RAW files I'm getting out of my Canon 80D.


      I also cannot upgrade to Photoshop CC as that requires at least OSX 10.7.

      The same issues are true for Lightroom.


      Upgrading my Mac's OS is unfortunately also not really an option as I was told by several technicians that given the hardware issues of my machine, upgrading could kill my mac (*** see at the end some more specifics on my Mac's hardware issues). Buying a new Mac seems to be the logical next step, but I can't currently afford that either.


      Looking at this situation, there seems to be no way that someone like me, running Snow Leopard (10.6.8) could edit newer RAW (9.5) file formats from a Canon 80D using Photoshop - as upgrading to newer Photoshop or Lightroom versions is not an option and the workaround through a DNG converter is also impossible.


      I would really appreciate feedback on any way that I could still somehow continue using my Macbook Pro, as is, and edit my RAW photo files using Photoshop.




      *** My Macbook Pro is quite handicapped. I have it running on various alterations, like the gfxCardStatus software to force it to only work on one graphics card to avoid the 'Black Screen of Death' Issue and I'm down to 4GB RAM as adding another 4GB RAM somehow causes the system to shut down. Even with these restrictions, my Macbook Pro is still running fast and reliably and I was editing photos with no problem up until I got the 80D camera. As a result my Mac's handicaps, I was recommended not to upgrade my OS as it could finally kill my mac.