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    Need help with custom user styles

    EvolvedDSM Level 2
      Hello, I'm working on an app in which I'd like each user to set their own styles as far as color, font, etc go.

      This is how I'd like to have it set up:
      1. The database contains a table with all the users of the app
      2. within the user table, there are columns that hold values which partain to their style selections
      3. have a screen that acts similar to the Flex Style Explorer, except updates the user's db columns with their selected values rather than simply outputting css code
      4. Call these table values in a ccs file

      So basically I will have a user profile panel in which the user can adjust a few style properties to customize the app to their liking. When they make adjustments, their row columns in the user table will reflect the values of their adjustments. The app will reference a style sheet that will contain the style arguments and their values corresponding to that particular user's table values.

      I think I have a handle on most of this, except I don't know how to send values from the table to the css. Could anyone help me with an example? How exactly can I call data to the css? Here's what I'm trying to accomplish (note: {userBgColor} is just my reference point for where I'd like to reference the user's userBgColor column value):