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    Old Kyle brushes in new PS CC


      Hi all, hopefully this is an easy answer. I updated my brushes on my PS CC account, to bring in the Kyle brushes. I have been using them before but thought I would try the update incase they worked better etc... but now it seems like there are some brushes missing from the old set. Is that right? Or are they there but hidden in different sets?
      Also, I am using BrushBox, and when I try to load in the old brushes (I bought them ages ago) to check, it doesn't want to load them. It just holds on the loading circle for ages. Any help would be great.




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          KR Seals Level 3

          Kyle has joined Adobe: https://www.kylebrush.com/faq/

          His brushes should be available through creative cloud. In the PS brush panel, top right corner drop down menu "Get More Brushes"

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            alexw79750678 Level 1

            Sorry, that isn't what I mean. I should clarify. Yes, I have downloaded the brushes through creative cloud. The problem is, it looks like the CC Kyle brushes are missing some from the original Kyle set. Is this right? Also, after loading in the CC Kyle brushes, I find I can no longer load the original set.

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              Francesco Della Peruta Adobe Community Professional

              I've found this hints on the originial FAQ:

              Your Photoshop preferences are causing trouble here- you can easily reset them by following these instructions.



              Help! I can’t see all of the brushes in my list, such as the Oil brushes, Oil Pastels, Blenders or Tilterrific pencils!

              Be sure that the ‘Show All Tool Presets’ option has a check next to it. You will find this option in your Tools menu (the same little gear icon you used to access the ‘Load Tool Presets’ option when you first loaded the brushes).

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                Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                I know he has that shiny head thing going on, and that hint of Dracula incisors, but I don't think Kyle is _that_ old.

                I have seen another thread asking about this, and one of the Adobe staff members said that they hoped to get something sorted out soon.  So if this was the same thing, keep your fingers crossed   As for BrushBox, if you find Derrick Barth's profile page and paste the link in this thread, he will get a notification, and hopefully respond here on the forum.  This is preferable to you asking Derrick by email, as other people will be able to see the answer.


                Good luck

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                  alexw79750678 Level 1

                  Thank you for being the only one to actually read my question! Here's hoping Adobe are adding the rest of the brushes. I'll try to track down that thread of yours. Thanks for the tip!
                  As for the other question - I'm not sure how to link to Derricks profile. (great picture by the way:)

                  Does this work? - https://forums.adobe.com/people/Derrick%20Barth


                  So, to clarify again, my two questions are :


                  1. Is the CC version of Kyle's Brushes missing any brushes from the original purchase sets? If so, will they be adding them or are they not supported anymore?


                  2. When using (the awesome) BrushBox, is there any reason why it won't load those earlier versions of the brushes when I have the new CC brushes loaded? (I wanted to load both and check if there are duplicates etc... but it hangs on loading for the older brushes)


                  Thanks again.

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                    Derrick Barth Level 1

                    Hi there, I'm sure we'll be able to sort out your BrushBox issue.


                    Can you tell me what version of BrushBox you're using?


                    I am unfortunately going to have to redirect you to my support email: support@brushbox.cc, because I have someone helping me with support and we may need to ask for some data files to help us properly diagnose your problem.  A lot of times, BrushBox issues are due to a specific problem with the setup on the person's computer, so it isn't necessarily helpful to discuss this on a public forum.

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                      alexw79750678 Level 1

                      Of course! Thank you very much for the fast reply Derrick, I will transfer to the support email. Cheers.

                      Hopefully someone else can cover the first question

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                        kylebrush Level 1

                        Alex - was this ever sorted out by Adobe support? If not, please email me directly at kyle (at) kyleTwebster (dot) com and let me know which brushes you are unable to find.