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      I cannot print my project, a simple 3 layer canvas; background layer, photo layer and text layer.  Pulling down file menu, print is not available (not bold).  I assume I need to do something but cannot figure out what to do; nor can I find any info in the vast troves of in fo in help.  Help please

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          What image mode is your current document in?  For example n 32 bit color depth I see print grayed out in 16 bit color depth print is not grayed out.


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            pauls97251622 Level 1

            32 bit; grayed out and does not react to clicking.  I have exported as a .png and when reopened print dialogue is active.  Guessing this is what I need to do.

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Photoshop is an image editor not a file editor what is open in Photoshop is an Image document that can be saved in many image file formats and printed.  However most file format do not support all of Photoshop features so some document  condition may make saving some image file formats unavailable and Photoshop will either gray out the menu items or not display them.  If the save is recorded in an action the condition will generate a message like the command is unavailable or not supported in this version of Photoshop.   The same is true if the command is print if the document's Edit mode is not supported by print  Photoshop will gray out Print. Print will be unavailable.

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                pauls97251622 Level 1

                Thank you for responses and information. Problem solved (accidentally by my working thru alternatives). Unfortunately I phrased the question a bit misleadingly as what I wanted to know was how to print such a document.  I appreciate the "process" information...example information is nice but the underlying logic/function is what I have difficulty finding.  thanks again